huge updates because i never post anymore.

where do we even begin?! 
so much has been happening and is happening, it's just insane.  
first, (and most exciting) we are gonna have another little chhangur this august!!
Annie would like to introduce you to her NEW BABY SIB!!!!! We are almost 13 weeks and so ready for that 2nd trimester and SO ready for August and so SO thankful too!
pregnancy is not easy.  
no way. 
i'm already 16 weeks and still not feeling quite myself...but hopeful!  hopeful that all these hormones (or whatever is causing all the madness) will be back to normal soon enough.  
a couple good signs though:  
-i made a few dinners this week
-i drank a (cold) coffee today
-i'm blogging
who knows, maybe i'm getting back to my normal-self already!  

another huge happening:  WE'RE MOVING.  (again)
and this is super exciting.  after things didn't work out with Mike doing an internship in Brooklyn, we felt pretty lost as to where to go and how to pursue full-time ministry. we ended up in Toronto, and then ended up at a wonderful wonderful church and now (through our church) we are so thankful that we are going to be part of a church plant happening in Ottawa
 this spring!!  basically, since we moved to Toronto, we've missed Ottawa (ok, mostly me.  but Mike too, i think.) so we are thrilled to be heading back to the nation's capital and what feels like our home! i think we have shared a lot of this with many of you since we are currently raising support and building a team of people who are going to be praying and partnering with us in this over the next few years  (and if we haven't contacted you already, well, we probably will be soon!).  we are so excited to be a part of what God is doing through His church in Ottawa.  i could go on and on about the church, but really, it would make more sense for you to just go to the website and read all about it yourself.  
so here's that:  www.ottawachurchplant.com 

and we are excited, for once in our married life, to feel planted somewhere.  we have already found a home (it has a backyard, so clearly i'm in love!!) and we are even signing a 2-year lease!
(a little peak at our new living room, back-door, and sun-room, which leads to the lovely backyard!) 

so, that's what's happening with us.  our update.  moving in a few weeks and couldn't be more excited.  also, if you are interested in hearing more about this and how you can help us, feel free to leave your name and email address and we will talk soon!  



Like an infinite fall said...

Congratulation for your new baby!!!!! :D I am so happy for you!!! So, how can I pray for your pregnancy, your moving and your new church?
Have a nice day!

Tara Klefsaas said...

So excited for your new adventures and to read along with you!! I pray health and rest to you and to Annie so that you can rest. :) Much love to your sweet family from my heart!

Like an infinite fall said...
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JennyLynn said...

Congratulations Mike & Brit! New seasons and new sounds!

Laynie Brown said...

I miss your blog posts so much!!! Come back!!! I'm sure you are extremely busy!