september & october

My favorite seasons of the whole year (fall and christmas!!) are here and we are enjoying them. 

Annie Bird is 11 months old and the last 2 weeks have been just wild in how much she has grown.  She took steps.  Not walking yet, she definitely prefers crawling still at this point, but she has taken steps toward us and once even without us prompting her!  I believe 6 steps in one go is the most she has done.  

She is constantly (constantly!!) asking me to read to her (holds a book out to me and grunts and pleas!) and her papa and I are loving this new interest.  I've read through our collection of board books so many times, I'm dying for some new reads...haha.

She has also suddenly shown so much interest in ANIMALS!!  When we are out on walks she likes to point out every squirrel or bird she sees, and she really enjoys sitting on our balcony and watching all that's happening below...kids playing, lawn-mowers, squirrels, birds, etc... and she really likes attempting animal sounds when we are reading.  She can "moo" ("oooo") and "meow" (which is a high-pitched squealing sound, but definitely trying to imitate me!).  We've been really thankful for Riverdale Farm in Toronto, and I'm thinking we will be making quite a few trips there over the next couple weeks before it gets too cold. 

We have loved celebrating all her "firsts" and watching this baby change before our eyes. 

In other news, Mike has started working on his mDiv through Reformed Theological Seminary and still working full-time hours at the hospital.  He has been busy busy, but we are so thankful for this opportunity for him and hopeful for the future. 

And I've been busy with the Bird and also planning for her first BIRTHDAY which is going to be here so soon.  Fall just makes me want to get crafty, so I've been working lots on crocheting a granny square blanket for Annie and home-made invites for her birthday and a few other things around my house.  Its been fun.

Hope that your fall has been rich and cozy. 


Très bien said...

I have missed your updates friend! I can't believe Annie will be 1!!!

Noelle Peters said...

a whole year!! it just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?!?

the meaklims said...

Oh I so miss Annie popping up in my FB newsfeed! :) She's such a beauty... and wow, walking and words, yeahhh Annie!
Fall is definitely my favourite time of year too, but my of my... this past week has been feeling more like winter! Brr!

Chat soon!

Mandy Indonesia said...

I’m glad to read you again. Thanks for this post. Best for you Buddy! and Merry Christmas